Which Independent Contractor Type should I choose?

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You can register as a..

  • Agent of Existing Call Center (Recommended and Required to partner under D&M Virtual Solutions LLC )
    • We simply recommend this if you want to have that overhead protection. Registering under a Call Center gives you that level of protection in all aspects. We are the ones who will dispute anything you have with Arise or other clients we represent, handle all legal matters on your behalf, handle your taxes, your direct deposit, etc. We represent as the middle man between you, Arise and the client.
    • This option also gives you the ability to receive incentives (save a lot of money) and course vouchers (receive free course) when you register under our Call Center.
    • Registering under us also gives you that level of support to ensure you have a direct line of communication with a representative here who will ensure you understand the platform, assist you where needed, and fight on your behalf to ensure your success.
    • Apply with us today!
  • New Call Center
    • When registering with our clients platforms you may view a few options to register as. Please view the information below to make an informed decision as to the best option for YOU!