What hours can I work?

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The hours available to work depend upon the client and program you select to service. Depending upon the selected client you may be choosing to work part-time, full-time seasonal or everything in between as you are allowed to change this on a week-to-week basis. Determine the schedule you want to work! 

Opportunities will demonstrate to you the hours in which the client is open and has available hours, The rest is in your hands. Decided how many and which hours you want to work based upon the clients hour availability. 

Some clients allow you to work up to 99 hours should you meet the criteria in metric and commitment adherence performance. 

*Note as an Independent Contractor, their is NO overtime rates. You are paid the same rate of pay whether you work 5 hours or 200 in an invoice period. 

Our clients offer opportunities ranging between all hours, and we do have various 24/7/365 clients as well. We have something for everyone! 🙂