Must I pass a Background Check and/or a Drug Screening?

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D&M Virtual Solutions LLC represents various clients across multiple work-from home platforms. At this time most all of our clients are requiring you undergo a criminal background check. These BG’s are typically completed based upon information you provide during enrollment in a a specific client course. Background requirements vary by client and are examined on a case-by-case basis.

Background checks are done prior to enrolling in a course, and take between 1 hour – 7 business days.
(If you have not moved around a lot, and have no priors they come back VERY FAST)

Drug screenings are not required for all clients, however some may require them. This is at the discretion and cost of the client. If required you will receive a form via email, and must take it to a local lab testing facility. Once completed results are sent in directly to our clients. NO NEWS, IS GOOD NEWS! If you never here about this again upon completion, this means YOU PASSED! 🙂