How does all of this work?

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We understand you have questions about this, so let us simplify it for you!

Fortune 500 companies outsource their call volume through Arise Virtual Solutions. Arise then allows companies, such as D&M Virtual Solutions to find agents, such as yourself, to work from home and connect with the Fortune 500 companies in need of services. You must go through a certification course to service the company you choose. Once certified, you will begin to provide your services and start taking inbound customer service calls from home. Everything is done electronically over the computer making the process VERY SIMPLE. You will utilize your Home Telephone Line with a Call Center headset to receive calls from the company you choose to service. You will also learn during your certification course on how to login to the company systems in order to provide service. It’s just like being in a call center, except from home!

Working from home allows you the ability to still pay bill but spend time with your family. It allows you to avoid commute, office drama, and additionally you save on spending.

Your able to choose who you work for and the pay you receive will depend on the company you choose to provide your service. You choose the hours you work, whether that’s full time or part time on a week-to-week basis.

Partner with us today! We would love to have you and connect you with the Arise Platform and Fortune 500 companies seeking your service. Are you ready to get started? If so Apply Today!.