Do you offer certification incentives?

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We do!
D&M Virtual Solutions currently offers to reimburse the cost of certification up to $50 one-time as an incentive. To be eligible for this offer you must successfully enroll-in a client opportunity within 7-days from the start of your on-boarding. As well successful completion of the course and 60-days of active servicing will be required prior to the payout. 

This payout will automatically be added to the eligible invoice period, and will reflect as a “Certification Course Incentive” on invoices. 

Existing servicing agent of D&M Virtual Solutions with above-average client statistics are offered a certification incentive as well. 
We offer a secondary client certification incentive. If eligible for this offer, We will reimburse up to 50% of the course cost via your next invoice cycle up-front. 

Failure to successfully complete and certify on the course/Early Withdraw/Dropped from course ; Will result in immediate forfeiture of the certification incentive and 100% payback of the incentive amount will be required and deducted upon the following invoice cycle.