Am I an employee?

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Full Disclaimer:
D&M Virtual Solutions LLC is NOT an employer.

We are a Independent Business Owner. We are an established recruiting and BPO firm servicing Fortune 500 Companies available on the Arise Platform. We are here to help you connect with Fortune 500 Companies seeking your services as a WAH freelancer. Our goal here is to ensure your success working from home. We do not tell you how to work, when to work, or who to work for. You are your own business and have full control over what you choose to do.

You must complete an agreement Independent Contractor Agreement with D&M Virtual Solutions LLC in order for us to sign a contract with the client you choose to provide your services to. We do not provide you with equipment or cover certification costs in order for you to be eligible to provide services.

If you have any additional questions regarding this process or would like to discuss in further depth. Please contact