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At this time we are not currently contracting with customer service professionals residing in: CA, WI, OR, MD, MA, NY, CT

At this time we are not currently contracting with customer service professionals residing in: CA, WI, OR, MD, MA, NY, CT

Learn how partnering with D&M Virtual Solutions and their clients can give you a more balanced life with endless potential to succeed in everything you do!

Learn how partnering with D&M Virtual Solutions and their clients can give you a more balanced life with endless potential to succeed in everything you do!

As the work-from-home solution continues to gain momentum. Companies are implementing remote-workers faster now then ever-before. Partnering with DMVS LLC is a strategic choice in joining the revolution.

When you choose to partner with us, you have the support, guidance, and proper training and technologies needed to get your at-home career kick-started. Along with being part of a ready remote workforce you will gain access to an impressive list of clients available to service with most being large Fortune 500 .

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Say Goodbye to Traditional

Tired of the Monday morning traffic and awful office parties? If so ditch the traditional 9-to-5 and save money on the commute by working from-home with us! We are looking for remote customer service representatives who think outside the cubicle. If that’s you we invite you to join our innovative team of remote professionals and begin to feel excited about work again!

Flexibility Is part of our culture

Flexibility to work when you want, where you want, and for who you want. These are just a few of the perks in being a CSP partnered with DMVS LLC. Let us customize a schedule that fits the needs of your Work Life balance.

Join The Movement Today!

If you are ready to kickstart your work from home career today, then we have some exciting news to share. We are ready for you! Submit your application today and our Talent Acquisitions team will be in touch soon via email. We look forward to your on-boarding with DMVS LLC. Once finalized, You will be able to view our available client opportunities and select one of your interest to get started!


D&M Virtual Solutions LLC is a privately owned and operated virtual call-center company. Our organization focuses on providing high-quality, 100% legitimate work from home opportunities to our network of agents while providing outstanding service to the customers of our Impressive Fortune 500 clients.

We aim to partner our clients, with a ready-remote workforce powered to service customers. While seeking opportunity for growth within our industry and to become a leading innovator providing guidance, knowledge and opportunity for all who partner with us.


Our vision is to continue connecting our business clients with our network of independent contractors while offering lucrative opportunities with reputable companies. We hope to improve the outlook of anyone seeking true financial independence and offering a unique work-from home opportunity to our community and surrounding areas.


We maintain a family-driven environment and our leadership team embraces a balance of work and life. We value the commitment our agents have to servicing our clients and respect the time they take to spend improving their quality of life and enjoying their time with loves ones.

We provide a virtual open-door policy to all of our agents and strive to provide on-going support and education to our agents.

Founding Partners

Daniel Held

Founder & CEO

Daniel Held is a young entrepreneur out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. As the Chief Executive Officer of D&M Virtual Solutions LLC he is committed to assisting others achieve the Work|Life balance we have all set out to find. With his 8+ years of Call-Center, Customer Service, Sales, Training and management experience he is the best person capable to lead our talented network of remote professionals into a successful work from-home career.

Daniel enjoys his free time with his wonderful wife and children in which they share 2 beautiful children together, with a 3rd one on the way. Daniel enjoys the Texas Rangers baseball team, eating out at both local and chain restaurants and can pretty much strike a conversation with anyone he talks to.

Mary Held

Co-Founder & Operations Manager

Mary Held is a true definition of a stay at-home mompreneur. Mary is not only a working machine, but a loving mother to wonderful kids! Mary enjoys the flexibility working from home has allowed her, and the opportunity to be there for our kids and the little things that matter. In her free time Mary enjoys wearing babies, drinking Starbucks, and you can always find her hair in a bun and making daily trips to target with the kids LOL!

D&M Model

Make working from home your reality
Are you ready to join the movement?
Servicing Major Fortune 500 Companies

We provide various channels of support to the customers of our impressive clients corporations and non-profit organizations.

Work@Home Contractor Workforce

Creating an Innovative and Eco-friendly workforce. Our agents operate 100% remotely from their home office. Certification is completed in an at-home setting as well.

Equipment & Additional Resources

We have resources to connect you with all the necessary equipment and certification course material needed to kick-start your at-home career today.


  • Use your outstanding customer service, and people skills to earn-from-home on the phone! 
  • Provide world-class customer service to customers of well known Fortune 500 & Household company names. 
  • Work from home taking Inbound, Outbound or Off-Line customer inquires. While completing training in the comfort of your home.
  • No cost, No fee’s. This is a real opportunity for people with a real desire to work and earn from-home. Are you ready to Arise to the challenge?


  • Competitive Base Pay + Opportunities for Incentives & Bonuses. 
  • Flexible Scheduling, Create your own each-week for your work|life balance. 
  • Twice Monthly Direct Deposit (5th & 20th every month) 
  • Equipment Installment Program (Powered by WAHES) 
  • CSP Self-Service Portal to include: Travel & Discount Perks, Investment Savings, Pre-paid legal services and more. 
  • 100% Certification Reimbursement and Up-skilling opportunities|100% Transparency 
  • Opportunities to work remotely or from our home-office in Tulsa, OK.

Business Partnerships

Services Offered

For Businesses:

Voice | Non-Voice | Admin Call Center Services

(USA-Based Agents)

Lead Generation Incentives & Business Solutions

Off-Shore Virtual Assistant Services

Equipment Rental, Lease or Purchase Program*

Connecting Clients + Ready-Remote Workforce

D&M Virtual Solutions LLC is an established Business Process Outsourcing company. We specialize in the Call-Center communications industry. With over 10+ years of knowledge, we offer innovative solutions and can tailor our services to the needs of your organization. Our firm contracts with a vast network of experienced remote-at home agents seeking to service clients customers via Inbound/Outbound phone support, Data Entry, E-mail, Chat and other computer related task. As well we offer lead generation solutions, work-at-home equipment, and our team can consult on additional services directly geared towards your organization. 

Interested in a consultation, Or would like to learn more about our services for your business? 

We are proud to offer both On and Off-Shore services. + Proud Supporters of America’s Veterans!

*subject to availability, some restrictions may apply


Read what our agents have to say about working with us!

D&M Virtual Solutions has provided me with an amazing opportunity to work from home. Daniel and Mary are professional IBO’s who show a genuine care and concern for each member of their team. They are experts at matching their agents with clients who suite their needs. D&M Virtual Solutions go above the call of duty to ensure that you are successful at servicing the client of your choice. They’re a good support system in challenging or trying times with words of encouragement, guidance and also providing avenues to ensure you have all necessary equipment to serve the client. I would recommend D&M Virtual Solutions to anyone who’s interested in working from home and looking for professional, reliable and honest company to partner with.

Felecia J.

CSP | Roadside Assistance Program

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